The incomparable joys of left-overs and secrets of a good stock

From the Campaign for Real Farming’s blog comes a seasonal read Well Beyond Bubble-and-Squeak: The Incomparable Joys of Leftovers and the Secrets of Good Stock.

I thoroughly recommend following the blog, which averages out at a post per fortnight. I also recommend Colin Tudge’s 2003 book ‘So shall we reap’ which details what’s gone wrong with the world’s food supply and then proposes how we can feed 9 billion people by 2050. The short answer is plenty of plants, not much meat, and maximum variety. Shame that Edinburgh City Libraries don’t appear to have a copy, but I have one if you want to borrow it. Email me (Alex Stuart) if you want to borrow my copy.


Food activist, allotmenteer, wordpress theme hacker, LAMP web developer, accessibility practitioner, desktop publisher, numeracy tutor, dad, cyclist.
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