Royal Edinburgh Community Garden on telly tonight (18 August)

Last week the community garden was filmed by the Beechgrove Garden – Scotland’s long-running (and some might say perennial) gardening programme. It’ll be on telly tonight, BBC1 Scotland at 19:30.

Amie from Shandon Food Group was filmed, although we’re not sure how much of her interview will make it through editing. Even if we don’t see her, you’ll get to see the garden. It’s looking amazing.

Beechgrove garden BBC site

Beechgrove garden filming at the RECG

Some courgette's peeking out of the foliage


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2 Responses to Royal Edinburgh Community Garden on telly tonight (18 August)

  1. Duncan Wallace says:

    It was a fun few days and as happenstance would have it I was on holiday with the wee yin for a few of them and it was a real joy to let him get his fingers dirty and play in puddles.
    His favourite activity was climbing the large pile of slate chips delivered for making the path, he can be seen on the TV as a mostly grey figure.
    Keeping an eye on him meant not getting terribly much done myself, if there was a way the gates could be closed so he couldn’t get out to the road maybe I could have got the head down and accomplished more (even then it is a big site and he could wander and get lost…)

    Looking forward to more days in the quiet wee haven in the city.
    Watch out Gorgie City Farm, you have a rival for local days out!

    • 18saughtonmains says:

      Yup … I saw you two on the programme. Looks like you had a good time.

      I feel the same when I bring the elder daughter over and have to spend most of the time child wrangling. But everyone is fine & also points out that we need to show these community gardens to kids and give them time to play there. At some point there’ll be enough kids that they;ll be able to keep themselves amused and out of trouble 🙂

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