Last weekend’s Bring and Share

Over 60 people turned up for the meal on Saturday, adults and kids alike, and the church hall was buzzing with conversation. Old friends met and new friendships started, the evening was a great success. Many thanks to all who could make it run so smoothly.

Each dish had a description card, so I’ve taken them and typed them up below. I make it 24 savoury dishes and 13 sweets. Some people wrote a bit about the ingredients or provenance of the dish and if you want to share you thoughts or your recipe, please leave a comment below.

table full with food

Rosie from Changeworks’ Kitchen Canny project was also at the event, signing people up to help us reduce our food waste. If you want to find out more about Kitchen Canny and food waste, see the Kitchen Canny website.

Savoury dishes

Spanish omelette

Venison casserole

Herb cheese pâté (creamed cheese, cheddar, blue cheese, sherry, French mustard, pepper, parsley, chives, walnuts)

Spicy potatoes (potatoes and onions from the Royal Edinburgh Community Gardens; spices from the orient; made in Briarbank)

Smoked salmon and garden herb quiche

Potato and chickpea curry (mild) [Gluten-free/vegan]

Marrow and aubergine curry (medium) [Gluten-free/vegan]

Garden beans (coconut, mustard seeds, French and string beans, salt)

Salad (cucumber, calendula, purple French beans) From Ashley Terrace

Potato salad (Charlotte potatoes, spring onions and mayo)

Potato salad

Apple and potato mash (as suggested by Richard Mabey in Wild Cooking review)

Greek lamb and yoghurt dip

Anster cheese (from Anstruther)

Cous cous salad (vegan)

Potato salad from RECG + parsley

Taboulleh salad

Stuffed marrow (from the community garden; cous cous, red onion, marrow, tomato, olie oil & seasoning)

Saughton allotment German red cabbage, red onion + apple

Vegetable stew

Lentil soup (vege)

Green beans in turmeric, cumin + coriander sort of sauce

potatoes with lemon, cumin and coriander

bread from Margiotta’s

Sweet dishes

Saughton allotment apple cake

Plum muffins

Lavender shortbread

Bramble pie

Shandon fruit tarts (bramble, raspberries, redcurrants, yoghurt and cream)

Apple and berry crumble

Strawberry trifle – west Lothian strawberries. Gluten-free sponge & vegetarian (no jelly)

Raspberry muffins

Stewed rhubarb

Plum tarts (cream, eggs and butter)

Plum rhubarb and ginger

Breton far plums

Grapes from Shandon

grapes from Shandon!


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