No child left inside / Guerrilla gardening in NYC – evening talks on 15 December 2011

Christmas Special – Two inspiring talks:

Guerrilla Gardening by Kate Gilliam and No Child Left Inside by Ros Marshall.

Washed down with mulled wine, warm buttered cider and mince pies.

Thursday 15th December 2011
7:30 pm Phoenix Club, 1 Harrison Place
Entry by donation (£2-5 suggested)

No child left Inside

Muddy hands

Muddy hands

Ros Marshall is a nursery teacher with a degree in botany, and is a trained forest schools teacher who relishes teaching children outside. She has recently returned from a trip visiting like-minded educationalists in America where she discovered their “No child left inside” campaign to encourage kids to play outside and learn from nature. Ros will talk about some of the places and people she visited and how we could bring these ideas to our own school playgrounds, parks or community garden.

Children playing by water

Children playing by water

Guerrilla gardening

Kate Gilliam formed Trees Not Trash ( in 2005 in a once largely industrial, derelict area of Brooklyn, NY, that is becoming increasingly residential. Their mission was to transform a neglected neighbourhood into a community with green space, where people can take pride in their streets. There is unused land in every city, so grab your shovels and rally your troops! Start talking to your neighbours, form a group, plant some vegetables, and take back public space. Once you start making your neighbourhood green and beautiful, people will start treating it with the care it deserves. Remember, it’s your city! Green it Up!


Food activist, allotmenteer, wordpress theme hacker, LAMP web developer, accessibility practitioner, desktop publisher, numeracy tutor, dad, cyclist.
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One Response to No child left inside / Guerrilla gardening in NYC – evening talks on 15 December 2011

  1. novaakropola says:

    Good stuff -both these talks sound brilliant especially the guerrilla gardening! I definitely look forward to this night…!

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