Sign up for Compost-Crazy Training and Make your Own Wormery

We are pleased to announce that Shandon Local Food Group are working with Transition Edinburgh South (supported by the Climate Challenge Fund) to deliver training in Composting Systems including the materials and tools to Make your own Wormery (Length 450 mm, Height 480 mm,Width 350 mm).  You just need to be able to use a screw driver or battery drill!

All courses will take place at The Royal Edinburgh Community Garden on Myreside Rd under the tuition of Sean Jacques.  Pre-cut & drilled wood, worms, book, tools and refreshments will be provided.  Total number of places (across all course days/times) is limited to 50 so book early so you don’t miss out!


Courses already run:

  • 10:00 am-1:00 pm Sunday 5th February
  • 11:30 am-1:30 pm Sunday 5th February 
  • 2 pm- 4 pm on Sunday 5th February
  • Monday 30th January, Thursday 9th February and Monday 12th March organised by Edinburgh Transition South

Photos of wormery course on 5th February 2012

Courses coming up:

  • 10:30 am-1:30 pm on Sunday 18th March or
  • 2 pm-4:30 pm on Sunday 18th March

Soup provided at 1-1.30 ish.

(Note: 18th March is Mothering Sunday – what could be a better present…….for the mother-in-law?!!).
Assemble your own wormery + learn about composting systems that can make good use of your kitchen waste. £5 in advance contact Sue.

Remember that you will make a wormery to take away with you, so please let us know if you need help to take it home.


Contact Sue McKendrick of Shandon Local Food Group to book a place on all Sunday courses (5th February or 18th March)
0782 444 9265

The Compost Crazy Booking Form V2 is available here for more information and confirming your Sunday course booking.


The Wormery is an ideal way to deal with your kitchen food waste.  It may be your composting solution if you have a rat problem in your garden as it is an enclosed box.  The worms munch through vegetable peelings and any scraps of food (not meat or salted foods) you can put in there.  After a mere three months you have the most fabulous worm cast compost or vermiculture.

A group looks at hot boxes and wormery.

Photo: A group take a look at the wormery and hot boxes at the Community Garden.


Unfortunately, it has been decided to cancel the opportunity to make a hot box and focus on the wormeries which we hope will meet the needs of more people.

You will however, be able to learn about the systems and could convert your wormery to a hot box (by adding an additional thermal layer of thermal insulation).  The Greenway Hotbox system is very simple to use. The boxes are insulated, so you take your green materials (grass-cuttings, weeds etc) and brown materials (stalks, prunings, cardboard etc), chop them all down as fine as you can make them, mix them up and put into the box. They heat up to about fifty degrees and after two days you turn them. After just one week or so the material has really mulched down. Then you can use as a mulch or, even better add to a wormery.

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