Shandon Seed Exchange – join in!

It’s that time of year again; time to plan what seeds to buy, what you’ll grow and where to grow it.  Lots of seeds are bought and plenty are left over to use at a later date.  The problem is, the seeds do not always get used and are left to lie until they are past their best.

The Shandon Local Food Group has come up with a community Seed Exchange.  If you visit M&A Newsagents (“the Twins”) on Ashley Terrace, you’ll find a box with seeds to swap.

Just bring whatever seeds you won’t use (enveloped and clearly labelled) and exchange them for some you’d like for your own garden.  Alternatively, feel free just to donate!

Happy planting!


Hopefully you will always find something there to swap for your own seeds.  Apologies in advance if this is not always the case; we hope you will still donate – you can always check back later!


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One Response to Shandon Seed Exchange – join in!

  1. Harriet Grant says:

    Fantastic. I’m just going to see what I’ve got available just now but will also donate any spares from packets I buy.

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