Quiz Winner Announced

Congratulations! to Troy van-de-l’Isle, winner of the quiz at last Saturday’s Local Food Fair.  Troy was the only entrant to get all the answers to the quiz exactly right.  Troy wins a meal for two, with a bottle of wine, kindly donated by our friends at the Caley Sample Room.
For the answers to the quiz, have a look below.  Thanks to everyone who entered.
1.      The most common definition of ‘local food’ used in the UK states that food is local if it grown and processed within how many miles of the point of purchase?   b)  30 miles
2.      What is the important ingredient used in jam making which makes the jam set?  Pectin
3.      In the Sound of Music, Julie Andrews sings the famous song ‘Doh Re Mi’.  To what animal does she liken the ‘doh’ sound to help the Von Trapp children remember it?”  Deer
4.      Which is the nearest town to Oxenfoord, where Oxenfoord Organics is based?  Pathhead (Dalkeith also accepted as an answer because the question said ‘town’ not ‘village’)
5.      How many different types of cheese does the company which makes Lanark Blue produce?  5 (Lanark Blue, Dunsyre Blue, Lanark White, Corra Linn and Maisies Kebbuck)
6.      What percentage meat is there in a Whitmuir Farm pork sausage?  86% (answers +/- 5% were accepted, although the winner got it exactly right)
7.      Which great thinker and philosopher inspired the work of Garvald Edinburgh?  Rudolf Steiner
8.      Which of the following is NOT a type of beehive in use in the UK?  c) Colonial 
Thanks to all those who entered the quiz and to The Caley Sample Room for donating such a great prize.
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