Whitmuir Public Meeting Tues 12 Feb 7:30 pm

Heather from Whitmuir farm has invited members of Shandon Local Food Group to the following public meeting.

TUESDAY 12 February 2013, 7.30PM
The future of food and farming is now one of the key challenges we face and we want Whitmuir to be the place where you explore and begin to build a more sustainable food system.
As well as continuing to produce good food every day, we want Whitmuir to become a national resource on sustainable food and farming. We plan to develop a number of discovery trails, exhibits, educational opportunities and citizen science projects.
Whitmuir, with your support, will be a place where you can:
• Imagine the future of food and farming in our one planet
• Work out the farm’s carbon footprint on our zero carbon, zero
waste trail
• Learn about growing, foraging and cooking organic food in our
green classroom, field kitchen and community plots and garden
• Discover birds, bugs and beasties and what they do all day on
our nature trails
• Climb the hill on our history trail and see for years and years
• Learn to be a farmer by coming on our courses – everything
from rearing your own hens to growing herbs, from laying hedges
to keeping bees, from respecting pigs to making silage…
Whitmuir Community Farm Community Benefit Society has now been established to purchase the land, undertake the farming and develop this educational work. The new Society is issuing shares to raise the funds to do this work.
If you would like to be part of growing the future, please join us on
Tuesday 12 February to hear more about our plans and how you can be involved.
Take a share in the growing the future
Whitmuir Farm, Lamancha, West Linton, EH46 7BB
Tel 01968 661 908 email info@whitmuircommunityfarm.org

Whitmuir Growing the Future (pdf)

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