Building Community through Food, 8 pm Wednesday 20 March 2013, Polwarth Church Hall

All welcome to join us at this FREE meeting to find out more about Shandon Local Food Group with brief AGM.
At Polwarth Church Hall
Wednesday 20th March 8-9:30 pm

Tea/coffee provided from 7:45 pm

We’ll be showing a slide show with photos taken from a broad cross-section of our events.
We’ll split into some small discussion groups around the following themes:
1.  Have you changed any habits in the last 4 years?– do you garden or shop differently,  reduce food waste, compost more etc?  What inspired you to change or what might help you change habits?
2. “Smart” Communications – in this age of computers and  smart phones, how can our group improve communications and discussion forum between our members?
3.  Getting the most from local food.  How can we improve links to local producers, encourage the eating of local food and give a seasonal cooking tip?
4. Community events.  What events would you like to see us organise in the next year?

New Committee

I would like to express my thanks to all of last year’s committee and to the members who have helped make our events so successful.  I am pleased to announce that Ken, Beccy, Rhona, Eddie and Kate have expressed interest in continuing on the committee.  Our constitution states that committee members who have served 3 consecutive years are not allowed to stand for re-election: this makes space for some new faces to bring fresh ideas.   So we say goodbye to Sue and in addition, Judith, Harriet and Ally have decided to not stand again for a variety of reasons.  We also would be keen to invite back one or two of the original committee members.  Please join us- we are sure we can use your skills whether they be in IT, gardening, cooking, publishing, accounting or project management!
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