New Email/Online Forum for Shandon Local Food Group News

The old Shandon Local Food Group email list has been replaced.

Shandon Local Food Group has a new interactive online forum for exchanging information about local food, the environment and community activities.  This is in the form of a Yahoo Group.  People who join the group can post information about local events and community activities, and will receive this information in their own email accounts.

You can join this group quickly and easily.  All you have to do is send a blank email to  You’ll get a message back from Yahoo! asking you to confirm that you really want to join.  When you reply to that, you will be sent a second email telling you how to send messages to the group and how to unsubscribe if you so wish.  Make sure you keep the second email somewhere handy so you can refer back to the instructions.

Anyone who joins can send emails out to the group.  The moderators will keep an eye on the messages, and if they deem any message inappropriate, will warn the sender.  If the sender continues to send inappropriate messages, the moderators will ban them from the group.

If you have a Yahoo account, you can access the Shandon Local Food Yahoo Group web page as well as post and receive messages.  This will allow you to see previous posts, post photos, put dates in the Calendar, etc.  You can create a Yahoo account by following the instructions here.

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