Slides on Guerrilla Gardening and How to make a Seed Bomb!

Thanks to all those who made our Christmas special on 15th December a night to remember (possibly helped along by the mulled wine and warm cider!).   I nearly mis-identified Kate’s seed bombs (her guerrilla gardening weapons!) for chocolate truffles so it was a lucky thing that I didn’t eat one.   Click here if you would like to know How to make a Seed Bomb.

Before Kate Gilliam and her partner Cory arrived in Bushwick, NY there was one tree; now, there are 2001 trees!  Kate Gilliam’s pictures of this area before and after her interventions were truely inspiring.  If we could all make one tenth of this impact on our local areas, the world would be a better place.

Guerrilla Gardening Slides can be viewed here.

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